Realize Start Steal Vivo Optical Fingerprint Behind the Screen Smartphone

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Vivo managed to rank fifth in the world in the field of smartphones, just below Huawei and OPPO. Vivo’s success can not be separated from the number of line of smartphones that they release, including a line of Perfect Selfie. Even recently has appeared leaks on the latest smartphone from Vivo.

In these leaks, looks latest smartphone prototype that has a shape similar Vivo X9 Plus. It makes it special is a fingerprint sensor located on the screen. Pan Jiutang as the technology industry analysts showed a video showing a prototype smartphone Vivo that displays optical fingerprint sensor on the screen.

In the video, a person touching the screen there is a logo prints and then automatically locks open smartphone. Logo fingerprints present on the smartphone screen looks similar Vivo owned by Samsung Galaxy S8. Unfortunately, Samsung’s flagship smartphone uses optical fingerprint failed and instead use the embedded fingerprint sensor on the back next to the main camera.

Pan Jiutang predict that Vivo will be the first to launch a smartphone with optical fingerprint scanner that is present below the screen. Meanwhile, he added that the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 8 probably will not display the features of optical fingerprint scanner in the near future.

In addition, there are new rumors saying that Vivo will hold an event on June 28, 2017 in Shanghai MWC conference that it is probable prototype Vivo smartphone will come introduced. Can Vivo realize this advanced technology to real life?

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