7 Heroes Booster prestige of the Chinese Smartphone

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In the past, China-made smartphones are always viewed as weak, cheap, and easily damaged. Hence a lot of people are reluctant to buy a Chinese smartphone and prefer the smartphone made by leading vendors such as LG, Samsung, or Apple. But for now the stigma is not true.

The problem, now made in China’s smartphone have performance and exceptional technology. Even some of them able to depose the well-known brands. So any Chinese vendors who managed to create a quality product at a time to be a hero pndongkrak prestige of the Chinese smartphone?


xiaomi lei jun


Vendors from China by Lei Jun’s was founded in the year 2010. After seven years of work, his name more well-known throughout the entire world. Xiaomi pioneered by some people experienced technology dropout affiliated companies including Microsoft, Kingsoft, Yahoo, and Apple.

Until now, Xiaomi’s consistently produce high-quality smartphone. Some smartphones hero this time is the Xiaomi Mi-6, Mi 5s, and Xiaomi Mi MIX. As for the middle class, and redmi redmi series Note also difficult to stop. In Indonesia alone, his name is so famous as to appear hashtag #mendingXiaomi.


oppo barcelona

Chinese vendors producer OPPO smartphone is the next quality. Established in 2004, OPPO has employed more than 20 thousand employees in Indonesia. This vendor is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics.

As we know, recently OPPO is more focused on delivering middle-class smartphone with excess on the side or rear camera selfie camera. Some of the newest products are OPPO F1, F3 and OPPO OPPO new R11 release in June.

Rows of homemade Expert Selfie smartphone allegedly not managed to boost the popularity and prestige of the Chinese smartphone OPPO overall. Its success made the OPPO perched as the fourth most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world.



There is certainly no VIVO OPPO. Indeed these two vendors can not be separated. Vivo established since the year 2009. That means, this vendor is much easier than its rivals, OPPO. Although both are competing to supply selfie smartphone, in fact they are in a holding company, namely the CPC Electronics.

Successful flagship smartphone Vivo make is Vivo Vivo V5 and V5 Plus which proved hard sell among young people selfie fanatics. Surprisingly, Vendors, led by Shen Wei is now officially sponsoring two mat akbar, 2018 and 2022.


huawei leica

Established in 1988, Huawei became one of the oldest smartphone vendor in China. The company was founded by Ren Zheng Fei and already employs more than 95 thousand employees. A series of Huawei smartphones produced proven to be highly qualified.

Huawei’s new smartphone is actually rising prestige of the past two years. However, the most successful is the Leica dual-camera smartphones such as Huawei P9, P10 Huawei and Huawei Mate 9. Yes, since collaboration with Leica, the famous Huawei smartphone with camera capabilities behind outstanding.

Not only that, Huawei also has a homemade chipset named Hisilicon Kirin. As a Chinese vendor, Huawei smartphone is fairly expensive. However, the price is priced comparable to the quality presented.


op5 press

OnePlus is the youngest vendor of Chinese origin. Because the company is only four years old. In Indonesia alone, the name is less well known especially for those of ordinary people. However, speaking of quality, made smartphone OnePlus forbidden to doubt.

2017 is already released five smartphone OnePlus, among OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, and the latter is OnePlus 5. As the Chinese vendors, homemade smartphone OnePlus always provide high specification nicknamed the flagship killer ,



Lenovo has been working since 2003. Initially, Lenovo is better known as a vendor of laptops and PC devices. But this time Lenovo fairly keen to produce quality smartphone. In fact, in 2016 and Lenovo are willing to pay huge dowries to acquire Motorola.

Lenovo is now focused smartphone with high specs on the Motorola brand, while the brand Lenovo itself is intended for entry-level smartphone at an affordable price in some developing countries, such as India and Indonesia.

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pro 7 girl

In the country, the name is not as famous Meizu Xiaomi. But this one is true vendors have similar characteristics like Xiaomi. Meizu smartphone often give birth at affordable prices.

If Xiaomi has redmi Note series, Meizu has the M series Note. Even the latest series M5 Note also officially sold in Indonesia. And in early August, was kicked through flagship Meizu Meizu Pro 7, a unique smartphone with two screens, front and back.

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