Android O Released August 21, Could Oreo?

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The official name of the latest Android operating system, which is currently referred to as Android O, will be officially announced on August 21. The information delivered by David Ruddock of Android Police citing a source that can not be verified.

As reported by the GSM arena, through his Twitter account, Ruddock was impressed as already know the name of the latest Android. Ruddock also revealed that the company, based in Mountain View California is planning a spectacular event.



Just the information that August 21 is the day of a total eclipse, at least going to happen in the United States where such astronomical events last witnessed a century ago. So it is very possible if Google is planning something big to coincide with the natural phenomenon.

Day of the solar eclipse could be a clue about the name to use Google’s new Android operating system. Currently a total solar eclipse, we can see the black circle the sun in the sky. This seems fitting if the analogy like Oreo. Therefore, it could be Oreo will become the name of Android 8.0.

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