Google Launches Protect Play Protect for Android Devices

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Google Play Protect the solution from Google to protect your device from malware and other threats. Previously, the beta testers had tasted the first new feature of Google on this one. Already, Google slowly been distributed to users of Android.

Google Play Protect actually is an anti-malware application that regularly monitors the performance of the smartphone. Not only do the scan applications contained in the Google Play Store, but Google’s latest service is also able to scan apps on the smartphone.

How Google Play Protect is comparing the habits of an application on your smartphone with other smartphones. If there is anything abnormal, you will get a warning and advice to remove the application. Additionally, you can also perform a scan-on-demand on the Play Tab Protect in the Play Store.


More than 50 million applications are scanned daily by Google Play Protect and secure applications will have a green badge that is safe for download. The application can also monitor the websites being visited, whether it is safe or not. In addition, the feature “Find My Devices” also moved into the Google Play Protect.

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