Xiaomi Start rollover Global Beta ROM MIUI 9

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MIUI 9 actually been officially introduced to the public in conjunction with the Xiaomi Mi 5X on July 26, 2017 and then in China. Though it was released officially, but for now the new MIUI 9 entering the Beta stage. It is probable that there are still many bugs to be fixed.

Xiaomi was then China’s new 9 Beta released MIUI ROM. Of course, not a few faithful fans Xiaomi or known as Mi Fans hope that the smartphone manufacturer from China was immediately released MIUI ROM’s 9 Beta globally.

No need to wait a long time, the hope was immediately answered by Xiaomi. Yes! Finally they announced the official attendance 9 Global Beta ROM MIUI 7.8.10. Promised, users can sample ROM Xiaomi began the day Friday, August 11, 2017.


Associated with the devices can taste this global ROM, Xiaomi was still imposes limits. Only redmi Note 4 (Qualcomm) / redmi Note 4X and Mi 6 that has a chance to feel the MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM

Later, update ROM MIUI 9 Global Beta will be present with the condition that the OTA method already using the Global 8 Beta ROM MIUI latest. Meanwhile, for users who already run Stable ROM must unlock the bootloader and undertake full elimination before fastboot.

Of course, the flashing process using this method has the risk to existing smartphones in the hands of users, mainly related to the key data owned. Therefore, do not forget to backup your data first.

In the second wave, Xiaomi promised to open more devices that can taste the Global Beta ROM MIUI 9. The device is Mi Note 2, Mi 5, 5s Mi, Mi 5s Plus, Max Mi 2, Mi Max, and redmi 4 / 4X.

It can be ascertained, the third wave later, device or smartphone that can taste this ROM will be many more. Unfortunately, Xiaomi not want to talk much when the second and third waves will be their title?

For additional information, device Xiaomi who will taste the ROM globally in the third wave is redmi 2, redmi 2 Prime, Mi 3, Mi 4, redmi Note 3 Qualcomm, redmi Note 3 Special Edition, redmi Note 4 MTK, Mi 4i, redmi Note 2 , redmi Note Prime, 32GB Max Mi, Mi Max 64GB, 128GB Max Mi, Mi-2, Mi 2S, Mi Note, redmi 3, redmi 3 Prime, redmi 3S, 3S redmi Prime, and redmi 4A.

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