5 Advanced Features Offered Google Pixel Camera 2

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 After launched on Wednesday (4/10 /) and then, the name Google Pixel 2 immediately soared. The main strength of this smartphone is situated on the side of the camera. In fact, direct DxOMark named Google Pixel 2 as a smartphone with the best camera.

Of course, it is a very impressive achievement for Google. Impressed with camera capabilities, we also conduct an investigation. Until finally we found one interesting fact.

Yes, Google Pixel 2 turns using a sensor Exmor RS IMX362 . Apparently not only used by Google alone, the sensor is also adopted by HTC in HTC U11 and ASUS into Zenfone 4 Series which also recently been introduced.

The question is, if the sensor is the same, why the quality of Google Pixel camera 2 is much better than the two smartphones? Our guess leads to the optimization software and features that are embedded by Google into Pixel camera system 2. And recently Google tells how to Portrait mode works only with the optimization software , but still require specific hardware, though not dual-camera.

There’s no denying, the performance of a camera in the smartphone software is also affected by the alias software used. So, what are the features offered by Google Pixel 2?


Dual Pixel

At the moment all manufacturers incentive to bring dual-camera smartphone, Google is still consistent with one camera only. But do not get me wrong, the rear camera has been polished and is equipped with a feature called Dual-Pixel.

Thanks to these features, the camera is able to shoot Pixel 2 objects very quickly. In addition, users can also enable portrait mode to take bokeh photos like a smartphone with a dual-camera.

In fact, when the tech giant introduced the origin of Uncle Sam Google Pixel excellence, they believe he said, “If one camera is enough, why two?”

Artificial Intelligence


In addition to feature Dual-Pixel, Pixel camera 2 also brings the technology that is not less interesting, namely artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. Simply put, this technology works with the concept of neural network or as a human brain.

So, when the camera is shooting an object, the camera system will identify each object and study it. The more often the camera find an object, the smarter the camera anyway.

Not only that, Pixel camera 2 is also able to identify a previously unknown information considered by other smartphone manufacturers, such as e-mail, phone number or address on the object captured by the camera.


One of the most unique features of the camera Pixel 2 is a combination of the EIS and OIS technology. The combination of the two technologies to stabilize the image is able to produce a video that really smoothly without any shocks.

Interestingly, for the moment only Google Pixel camera 2 that bring this kind of technology. There’s a possibility that this innovation will be copied by other smartphone manufacturers in order to present a more optimal camera support.



The dark or low-light is the toughest enemies smartphone camera. To get around this, Pixel 2 was equipped with a feature called HDR +. Almost the same as HDR, HDR + feature serves to increase the lighting when taking photographs in low light conditions.

A bit of information for you to know, HDR + is able to produce a more uniform illumination than the normal HDR. And until now, only Google’s smartphone assemblies can enjoy the feature.

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Motion Photos

If iPhone has features Live Photos, Google presents a new feature called Motion Photos. Through this feature the user can take a picture within a fraction of a second, so that the resulting image will move, such as a short video or an animated GIF.

Want to see how the Google camera Pixel 2? The following link is a photo album taken with a camera Pixel 2,  https://photos.app.goo.gl/vjmx6pgbXXApCOQz1 .

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