ZTE Release Axon M, Got Two Sized Screen 5.2 Inches

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ZTE again made a breakthrough with the launch of its latest smartphone, the ZTE Axon M. Entry into the ranks of high-end smartphones, Axon M is packed with unique designs. How come! The smartphone has two screens at the same time (dual-display).

Having a two-screen display, of course the presence of Axon M is very similar to the Kyocera Echo ever introduced in 2011 ago. In fact, this smartphone also has a resemblance to the Nintendo DS which does not have the key.

Dual screen embedded into the Axon M equally spans measuring 5.2 inches with a resolution FullHD. Not only that, ZTE also protects the smartphone screen with scratch-resistant glass support Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

ZTE Axon M All Mode

There are three main functions of the dual screen is embedded, namely Mirror Mode, Dual Mode, and Extended Mode. The first function, namely Mirror Mode allows the main display screen can be presented exactly on the second screen.

While Dual Mode allows both the existing screen can run two different applications. And the last function, namely Extended Mode allows two screens Axon M to be combined into one larger screen.

If you already know the function of two screens is embedded, then what about the kitchen spur? As mentioned above, ZTE packing Axon M as a high-end smartphone. Therefore, the embedded hardware is also not kidding.

ZTE Axon M has been powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset 821 concoction. In order to compensate for the performance of embedded chipset, ZTE also equip this smartphone with support for 4 GB of RAM plus 64 GB ROM and microSD slot up to 256 GB.

For business photographing, the smartphone is only equipped with a single 20 MP camera that can serve as the main camera, while the front camera or camera selfie. Additional support is an aperture of f / 1.8, Image Stabilization, PDAF, and of course the LED flash.

ZTE Axon M Dual Mode

As for its power supply, a smartphone based on Android 7.1.2 this Nougat has been bolstered with a battery capacity of 3,180 mAh. Not to forget, the batteries were planted also features Quick Charge 3.0.

ZTE Axon M itself will be sold first in the US market through AT & T. Offered with a 30-month contract system, consumers only need to pay $ 24.17 or about Rp326 thousand per month.

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Reportedly, in the first quarter of 2018, ZTE will bring this smartphone to the Japanese market through operator DoCoMo. In addition, ZTE will also market Axon M in China through carrier China Telecom and JD.com as well as to several countries in Europe.

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