3 Leak this Slide Show the Galaxy Note 9 Feels More Special

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Samsung Galaxy Note9 Deep Sea Blue


3 Leak this Slide Show the Galaxy Note 9 Feels More Special

Have an S Pen with Bluetooth connectivity, dual aperture camera, and DeX mode makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a special smartphone born this year.



 Eko Lannue Ardy   

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Deep Sea Blue

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is only a matter of hours. Yes! Samsung will indeed introduce the second premium smartphone that appeared this year on August 9, 2018 in New York, United States .

As the launch day approaches, some interesting features and support on the smartphone are also revealed. As recently followed, there are three slides that show the three advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Not a few say, the three flags also make the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 considered a special smartphone for us this year. The question is, what are the three flagship?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 9

First, S Pen support on Galaxy Note 9. Yes! It’s no secret that Samsung will equip this stylus with Bluetooth capabilities. With such connectivity, the Galaxy Pen 9’s S Pen can do many things, one of which being a remote-like device.

The second advantage is closely related to the camera. Yes! Mentioned, dual rear camera support on the Galaxy Note 9 will use the “dual aperture” trick like the one on the Galaxy S9 +. Another plus, Samsung will also immerse artificial intelligence alias AI technology.

Finally, the Galaxy Note 9 will also have optimized DeX mode . Now only HDMI cable is needed, there is no need to dock completely. It could be, this method borrows the dual display feature that is owned by the Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 allowing users to use an external screen and handset screen.

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