OnePlus 6T Will Be Sold Prime by This Operator

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OnePlus 6 Launch 3

Since launching OnePlus 3T in November 2016, OnePlus continues its tradition of launching the second variant of the introduced smartphone. We can see this when they released OnePlus 5T after the previous six months OnePlus launched OnePlus 5 .

This tradition is likely to continue by presenting OnePlus 6T, where in May 2018 then OnePlus has launched OnePlus 6 . It is estimated, the new OnePlus will launch OnePlus 6T in October 2018.

The latest rumor related to the presence of OnePlus 6T is the news that this device will launch on the United States market because of the support of T-Mobile , one of the largest telecommunications operators in the Uncle Sam country.

According to sources close to OnePlus and T-Mobile, it was stated that the two had agreed to market the OnePlus 6 in the United States market. Even so, OnePlus must first pass technical approval so that the OnePlus 6T can get certification on the T-Mobile network.

Of course, to pass the network certification test is not so easy and if this is successfully passed, it means that there is progress shown by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer in the United States market. Previously there was Huawei which almost succeeded in marketing the Mate 10 Pro with AT & T and Verizon .

OnePlus itself is very confident to market the device in the United States market. This is because they don’t have many loyal customers there. Another factor is related to the price offered.

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