Release of Infographic Note Series, Samsung Doesn’t Show Galaxy Note 7

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Again and again, Samsung re-released an interesting infographic for us to know. Yes! The electronic giant from Negeri Gingseng is re-releasing infographics about the journey of the Samsung Galaxy Note Series . Interestingly, Samsung did not include information about the Galaxy Note 7 .

As we all know, Samsung failed to market the Galaxy Note 7 released in 2016. The reason is, this device has a problem, namely the battery that is immersed in the Galaxy Note 7 is easy to heat, can even explode.

This problem was taken seriously by Samsung so they took the final decision, which was to withdraw all the Galaxy Note 7 that is still on the market. As a result, Samsung suffered a small loss and their income was slightly disrupted.

Galaxy Note Series 1

Do not want to repeat the events in 2016, Samsung began to strengthen its R & D division. Not only that, when producing the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017, Samsung also made repeated tests, especially against embedded batteries.

The results of this hard work have sweet fruit. Galaxy Note 8 was also received positively by gadget lovers in many countries. Samsung can again smile so that its financial coffers come back bright and they are still the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world.

This year, Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 9 . Many changes have been made by Samsung, including increasing the battery capacity that is pinned to 4,000 mAh. Not only that, Samsung also increased the ability of its S Pen with Bluetooth connectivity.

In order to convince consumers with the support of batteries that are on the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung CEO recently gave confirmation. It is said, Samsung dares to guarantee that the battery in the Note 9 will not be as problematic as the one on the Galaxy Note 7.

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