This is What If Galaxy Note 9 Dividend

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 5


This is What If Galaxy Note 9 Dividend

Intrigued by the innards of the newly introduced Galaxy Note 9, a group of people in Russia managed to dismantle Samsung’s flagship smartphone. Many interesting things they found.



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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has officially taken off. No need to wait long, Samsung also immediately opened pre-order offers in a number of countries, including in Indonesia. It seems that people’s enthusiasm to buy a smartphone is quite high.

Yes! Samsung does tempt consumers through the Galaxy Note 9 by pinning some interesting things. Not only is the screen size slightly wider than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , Samsung has also included a more fresh S Pen with Bluetooth support .

Not only that, this smartphone also comes with a large battery capacity, which is 4,000 mAh . And of course what is not less interesting is the support of its storage capacity. For the highest variant, the Galaxy Note 9 has 512 GB of storage that can be combined with a microSD slot up to 512 GB .

Galaxy Note 9 Disassembled

Intrigued by the existing innards, a group of people in Russia managed to disassemble the Galaxy Note 9. Not only that, they also compared the smartphone to the Galaxy Note 8. Obviously, this is something interesting for those of you who are curious about a number of components in the Galaxy Note 9.

Having a large capacity battery, should require more space. But if we pay attention, the power supply component available on the Galaxy Note 9 is very similar to that of the Galaxy Note 8. Yes! Samsung seems to have managed to make a breakthrough.

The S Pen housing or house on the Galaxy Note 9 also looks more sturdy. This module is unlikely to be easily damaged. The USB-C port is also easier to replace if it is damaged. Overall, the Galaxy Note 9 motherboard is smaller than Note 8.

Galaxy Note 9 Unload 2

Meanwhile, the speaker module does have a larger size and in theory will be able to produce a better and clearer sound. The most interesting of course is a large copper plate that is used to dissipate heat.

Overall, the Galaxy Note 9 is very different on the inside than the Note 8, although it has similarities on the outside. The curved screen is the weakest point, because this component is a very expensive element to be exchanged for damage.


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