Ahead of Launch, Sighting iPhone Xc Looks Back

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iPhone Xc Leaks

On September 12, 2018 at the time of the United States, Apple was rumored to be releasing its newest iPhone series. It is said, there will be three new iPhone models that will be introduced by Apple in the launch event.

The three iPhone models are iPhone Xc , iPhone Xs , and iPhone Xs Plus or Max. Yes! One of the first iPhone models to be called, the iPhone Xc or previously called the 6.1-inch iPhone will be packed with LCD screens and sold at the cheapest prices.

While the other two iPhone models, namely the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus will be packaged by Apple with OLED screens. Therefore, the two iPhone models will be sold at a higher price than the iPhone Xc.

However, recently a reappearance appears to be strongly suspected of being the iPhone Xc. From the leaked images shown, this smartphone is only equipped with a single rear camera. Not only that, the camera lens module shown is also larger than that in the iPhone 8 .

Obviously, this is indeed an entry-level iPhone 2018 aka iPhone Xc. However, definite answers about what the device is like, of course, can only be answered when Apple officially announces its newest iPhone line.

Other leaks also mention, all the latest iPhone models that will be introduced later will be marketed starting September 21, 2018. That is, Apple needs nine days to prepare sales activities for all the new iPhone models.

The question is, of the three iPhone models offered by Apple, which do you want to buy? As an illustration, the iPhone Xc is expected to be offered for the iPhone 8. While the other two models will be offered for the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X when newly introduced.

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