Apple Still Looking for the Latest iPhone Selling with Jadul Charger

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Apple Charging 5W

On September 12, 2018, Apple has introduced three new iPhone models, the iPhone XS , XS Max , and XR . Even Apple immediately moved quickly to open iPhone XS and XS Max pre-order offers on September 14, 2018.

However, from a series of interesting technologies and features contained in the three new iPhone models, Apple continues to market the device with the same charger, the 5W charger as in the old iPhone series.

You could say, this is one of the lowest output chargers that you can get on selling any smartphone. Not only that, this charger also has a slow performance.

If you want to get a faster charger, you have to go back to the bag to buy it. Yes! This fast charging device supports the USB Power Delivery protocol and can utilize USB-C chargers.

This fast charger is also sold separately with the USB-C to Lightning cable needed to connect the iPhone to the charger. If you are interested in buying both, you must be willing to spend US $ 68 or around Rp1 million .

As long as you know, the 12W charger developed by Apple for the iPad can also be used to charge faster on the iPhone. However, these are also optional accessories (unless you already have an iPad) and are priced at US $ 19 or around Rp . 300 thousand .

Actually Apple can easily bundle the fast charging device along with the iPhone it introduced. However, the company led by Tim Cook does not seem to want to do that.

In contrast to a number of Android smartphone manufacturers, they actually spoil their customers with fast charging support equipped with a fast charger in the sales box.

From such cases, the fact is that Apple is still able to sell iPhones priced at more than US $ 1,000 plus 5W chargers. In fact, this device is selling well and waiting for many people.

Yes! That’s Apple. From the results of a number of products offered, they have now managed to become a “trillions of dollars” company . Will the Android smartphone manufacturer eventually dare to take steps like Apple? It’s impossible!

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