Back Falls, Palm wants to create Pepito

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For those of you who have struggled long enough in the cellphone world you may have heard Palm . Yes! Reportedly Palm will return to producing a handset. As reported by AndroidPolice , Palm will make it the smallest smartphone in the world.

Not only that, this device will also immerse the battery capacity which is also small. It is estimated that the battery capacity is only 800 mAh . Made with small dimensions, this smartphone screen is only 3.3 inches in size and only has HD resolution.

Of course the screen is very small and has a low resolution, it is likely that the battery capacity that is immersed is far more sufficient. According to rumors circulating, this phone will be codenamed Pepito and has a Snapdragon 435 Octa-core brain .

Although it is only equipped with an entry-level chipset, this smartphone should be able to run with a standard Android operating system. Not a few guessed, Pepito will come with Android Go which is predicted by Google for devices with minimalist hardware.

This chipset is also expected to be paired with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage . But it is not possible that this phone will come with RAM and ROM that is much lower if it is actually projected as an Android Go smartphone.

Hopefully, Pepito which does not include the 3.5mm audio jack port can waltz before the end of 2018. Initially sold in the United States market, it is estimated that this smartphone will hold Verizon . Unfortunately there is no information, whether Pepito will be sold outside the United States or not.

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