Be careful when experimenting: this could make your Xiaomi smartphone unusable quickly

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Xiaomi smartphones: Flashing can make the phone unusable

The Android smartphones from Xiaomi offer a lot of hardware for little money. No wonder then, that the hype around the mobile phones in Germany is getting bigger and bigger. Stupid only that Xiaomi does not officially sell the smartphones in Germany. So you have to resort to importers or dealers who get the phones from China or the surrounding area. And that’s where you have to be careful what a model you buy. There are two variants:

  • The version for China.
  • A global version for all other countries.

But where is the difference? Primarily in support of the LTE tapes. The global versions work in Germany in full – so they are equipped with the LTE band 20. But there are differences in the software. So it is on the Chinese devices for Chinese adapted software on it. Who wants to change this software to retrospect, wants to experience a nasty surprise in the worst case. It is not possible to equip a Xiaomi smartphone for China with a global software version – even if it is the exact same model.

The professionals of XDA-Developers warn exactly before this step, because the installation of a global smartphone on a Chinese smartphone will end up in the worst case with a brick. The device is then no longer usable.

This restriction does not apply to all Xiaomi smartphones. Some of them are unaffected by the restrictions that the Chinese company deliberately postulates. Regrettable is only that Xiaomi has not published a list of smartphones in which the devices are to be found, where such a lock exists. Instead, members of the XDA Developers Forum have created a list . So if you have bought a Xiaomi smartphone and would like to install another software, you should look at the list. Otherwise, you should stay with the version that is installed on the smartphone or directly buy the global version.

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