Challenging Apple: This Huawei phone is to beat the iPhone XS in its flagship discipline

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Even if the original iPhone was groundbreaking: In the past ten years, the Android competition in almost every way on the cult smartphone from Cupertino passed – except for one: the processor. Apple’s A-chips continue to be the benchmark in the processor market. Even the new Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm does not even match the A11 Bionic from the previous year , according to benchmarks . Not to mention the current A12 Bionic, which debuted in the iPhone XS. A competitor leaves Apple’s current dominance in chip technology but cold: Huawei .

Unlike many other Android manufacturers, the Chinese group manufactures its own processors and with the recently unveiled Kirin 980 Huawei seems to have big plans. At an event in Dubai, Huawei was optimistic that the Kirin 980 could beat Apple’s A12 Bionic. Huawei said he had worked on this chip for three years before the processor was born in the Mate 20 (Pro) in just a few weeks.

The 7-nanometer chip is designed to focus on performance, energy efficiency, intelligence and connectivity. A total of 6.9 billion transistors, according to Huawei, do their job in the Kirin 980 – just as many as in the A12 Bionic from Apple. Compared to the previous generation, the CPU performance of the processor should be 75 percent higher. The graphics performance Huawei would like to have increased by 46 percent. If the information is correct, the Mate 20 Pro and the regular Mate 20, both of which are said to have the chip, should become real performance rockets.

During CPU usage, the Kirin 980 is said to have achieved 57 percent better energy efficiency, while GPU has improved energy efficiency by as much as 178 percent. The so-called Neural Processing Unit (NPU) has thus received an update and is now able to recognize, among other things, 4,500 images per minute and can intelligently estimate when the smartphone needs more power , Rounding out the whole thing of LTE Cat. 21 and download rates of up to 1.4 GB / s.

On the paper, the values ​​of the Kirin 980 read a lot. To the extent the new Huawei processor can really beat the A12 Bionic, we will see the launch of the Huawei Mate 20 (Pro). The new Huawei smartphone wants to be unveiled in London on 16 October – including new camerafeatures and ingenious AirPods competitors . Huawei seems to have eaten a fool on Apple.

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