End of September 2018 Samsung releases Galaxy J6 + and J4 +

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Galaxy J6 and J4 2

Samsung has announced the presence of Galaxy J4 and Galaxy J6 in May 2018. Interestingly. Both smartphones come with AMOLED display panels. Now, Samsung again made a surprise with its plan to present Galaxy J4 + and J6 + .

No kidding, Samsung has also campaigned for both of these smartphones on its official website. One interesting thing, Galaxy J4 + and Galaxy J6 + will come with a fingerprint scanner on the side.

Of course, applying the fingerprint scanner on the side will be a new era for the South Korean electronics giant. Yes! You could say this is a completely new approach by Samsung to spoil its loyal consumers.

Galaxy J4 and J6 1

Not containing a fingerprint scanner sensor on the side, Samsung will also pack the two new smartphones using the Infinity Display screen design . This means that this smartphone will come with a high screen and minimal bezel.

If you look further, from a number of pieces of the image shown, it seems that the Galaxy J4 + and Galaxy J6 + will have rounded corners on all four sides and the front of it imitates the Samsung Galaxy S9 .

Placed as a middle-class smartphone, Galaxy J4 + and Galaxy J6 + will also have features called Emotify. Yes! This feature looks like a simple version of AR Emoji. Apparently, this feature allows users to create an avatar as they wish.

So, when will these two smartphones come? Still based on the information displayed via the official website, the Galaxy J4 + and Galaxy J6 + will be introduced on September 25, 2018.

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