Galaxy Note 9: Samsung fixes the biggest weakness of the smartphone

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Samsung released an update, with which the language assistant no longer unintentionally activates. You can now set the Bixby button so that the function is only activated by a double tap instead of a simple tap. The solution is not as good as turning off the Bixby button completely, but at least a start.

The button brings Samsung users regularly to spin. Unintentionally you press on it and has Bixby on the cheek. Who does not need the button or who does not like Bixby, had bad luck. He can not be deactivated.

To install the update on the Galaxy Note 9, start Bixby and click on the button with the three dots in the upper right corner. In the settings under the point “About Bixby” you tap on the “Update” button. Once you have installed the update, you can change the button in the Bixby settings.

The Bixby button always causes trouble. Samsung tries to subjugate its language assistant. Unfortunately, he does not understand. It would be much more convenient to use the button to open the camera or the Google Assistant – but it does not work.

With the Galaxy S8 , the joy was great when you could disable the button by an update. At Note 9, there is now a compromise with the double-click.

If that’s not enough, you can outsmart the button with the bxActions app or just mercilessly remove it .

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