Galaxy P30: This Samsung phone will change the smartphone market

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Samsung no longer wants to hold back new technologies for high-end smartphones, but wants to use them first in the middle class. In the  Galaxy A7 (2018)  , the company has already installed a triple camera, which was originally expected in the Galaxy S10 . The Galaxy P30 and P30 Plus now get a feature donated, which should also be used only in the Galaxy S10 – the fingerprint sensor in the display.

According to the latest information Samsung is planning a new smartphone series called “Galaxy P30”. Wait a minute, P30? That’s actually the name we expect for the next Huawei flagship. The Huawei P30 is likely to be the successor to the P20. The name chaos is perfect. But back to the peculiarities of the Galaxy P30. It should be an Android phone with LC display, in which the fingerprint sensor is built into the screen. Both would be an interesting step for Samsung. Normally, the company relies on AMOLED panels because the content presentation is so much better. With the Galaxy P30 one removes oneself – for a good reason.

Samsung’s most important goal with the Galaxy P30 and Galaxy P30 Plus is to make it difficult for Chinese manufacturers to make life difficult. Samsung does not want to use the most expensive and latest components in this smartphone, but an LCD panel and an optical fingerprint sensor in the display. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10 wants to use a much more modern ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. All this should be the price of the Galaxy P30 and strengthen the Samsung smartphone in the highly competitive market of China.

But does not Samsung itself compete like that? No, because the Galaxy P30 should be intended only for the Chinese market. If the company is successful there, however, it can be assumed that this strategy will also be applied in Europe. After all, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei or Oppo are expanding more and more in Europe. The Galaxy P30 could therefore change the entire smartphone market and set a new direction for Samsung. Time is – or what do you think?

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