Here are Two of Samsung’s First Smartphones with Fingerprints on Screen

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 Samsung Galaxy P30

Samsung Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s flagship smartphone model which will be present as a “gift” the tenth anniversary of the South Korean manufacturer. Previously there was also a mention that the Galaxy S10 would be Samsung’s first smartphone that has three rear camera support.

However, the last guess that was mentioned was wrong. Yes! Samsung itself has introduced its first smartphone that has the support of three rear cameras some time ago, namely the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) and the specifications have also been officially raised.

The three embedded cameras have a 24 MP configuration as the main camera, 8 MP as a wide angle camera, and 5 MP to create bokeh photos, aka blur backgrounds. And of course we are still waiting, what kind of photo can this Galaxy A7 (2018) produce.

Returning to the Galaxy S10, the strong enough guess is that this smartphone will be mixed by Samsung with the fingerprint scanner support on the screen. Will the Galaxy S10 be the first smartphone to have a fingerprint scanner feature on the screen?

The answer is as written by SamMobile, Galaxy S10 is not Samsung’s first smartphone that will have a fingerprint scanner on the screen. This is because Samsung this year will roll out the Galaxy P30 and P30 + which have inexpensive optics and fingerprint scanners on the screen.

If the rumors are true, the Galaxy S10 can still be Samsung’s first smartphone that came into the market with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is more expensive and accurate on the screen. Yes! Of course this is an interesting device that will be presented by Samsung.

Samsung itself will hold an event on October 11 2018 . It is estimated that Galaxy P30 and P30 + will appear on this event. Samsung itself will introduce the Galaxy S10 at MWC 2019 in February.

At the beginning of next year, precisely in the event CES 2019 which takes place in January, Samsung has plans to introduce one other smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy X . One thing that is unique, the Galaxy X is the first folding smartphone touted to be made by Samsung.

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