Huawei dares something: This step has not gone the smartphone manufacturer

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For many mobile phone users, the camera is now the most important criterion for smartphone shopping. The manufacturers, who would like to stand out with ever new superlatives, know that too. With the P20 Pro, Huawei has published the first time with Leica technology, which leads the ranking with the DxOMark camera experts with 109 points even six months after the presentation of the top cell phone . The praise for the camera in the P20 Pro has now prompted Huawei to take an important step that the company has not yet dared.

Huawei: Our smart phones are not behind SLR cameras

For the first time, the Chinese are represented at the photo fair Photokina, which takes place from 26 to 29 September in Cologne. There the manufacturer exhibits its current smartphones, above all of course the P20 series. For Gregor Almássy, Marketing Director at Huawei Germany, a stand at the photo fair is the “logical next step.” Huawei wants to play with the camera manufacturers themselves and to offer the Photokina the “appropriate forum.”

With the visit of the Photokina Huawei dares something: The trade fair taking place since 1950 is a Mecca for camera manufacturers and photographers. As an exhibitor, Huawei has to face the critical glances of the pros – something that not many competitors dare. The fact that the company still trusts in the Photokina shows clearly how much Huawei is convinced of its own camera technology in its smartphones. Moreover, Huawei is even convinced that their own mobile phones “do not have to lag behind classic SLR cameras.”

Mate 20 Pro: Can Huawei’s new top smartphone build on its success?

Huawei’s Marketing Director is sure that, in addition to battery life, the camera is one of the key points in buying a smartphone. “When photos are taken, many people want them made with the best possible camera,” says Gregor Almássy. Whether Huawei can build on the great success of the P20 Pro, will soon show: On October 16, the Chinese manufacturer introduces the new Mate 20 Pro. In addition to practical AirPods competitors , new camera features are considered set.

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