In the shadow of the pro: That’s why the Mate 20 is the better Huawei phone

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Also in the new Mate 20 series Huawei will rely on its well-known mobile phone strategy and offer the model in three variants. While the Pro version is the spearhead and should attack Galaxy Note 9, iPhone Xs and other luxury-class smartphones, the already introduced Mate 20 Lite cares  about the price-conscious clientele. The regular Mate 20 is positioned between the two poles. However, a “hands-on” video from the Huawei mobile phone also proves that “sandwich children” have a lot to offer.

The 10-second clip shows both the front and back of the Mate 20. In addition to the almost gigantic screen (video below), the recent rumors that is supposed to measure a proud 6.7 inches, falls on the front especially the small Notch. Compared to the Pro model, the display gap looks almost tiny with its water droplet design. Whoever uses the conventional Mate 20, should have more of the mobile phone display. On an advanced facial recognition, as the Mate 20 Pro is supposed to offer, buyers have to do without.

Another difference to the Pro version is shown on the back. Under the triple camera, which was arranged visually conspicuous in a quadrangle, the Mate 20 contains the fingerprint sensor. On the other hand, with the Mate 20 Pro , the sensor should be  integrated directly into the display . This has advantages and disadvantages: A so-called in-display fingerprint sensor saves space at the front and thus allows a larger screen with the same size of the device. On the other hand, the position on the back should be familiar to many users. Plus: Gestures for the fingerprint sensor for which Huawei is known can not be translated with a fingerprint sensor on the front. Unlocking the phone in your pocket is also not possible.

Whether the regular Mate 20 comes in Germany on the market, is not yet known. In the previous series, Huawei left it to publish only the Mate 10 Pro in this country. A similar strategy, the Chinese group could also put on the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. That would be a pity: Especially for mobile phone users who want to use as much of the existing display surface and not want to give up the benefits of a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, the Mate 20 could be the better smartphone.

On October 16, Huawei will introduce the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro . Then we will know if the regular Mate 20 will find its way to Germany.

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