Kuo: iPhone Xs Max Four Times More Practical Than iPhone Xs

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On September 21, 2018, Apple began marketing the two new iPhone models it introduced, namely Apple iPhone Xs and Apple iPhone Xs Max . While the cheaper model, the new Apple iPhone Xr will be sold from the end of October 2018.

One question arises in the head of gadget lovers around the world, between iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, which is the best selling? Yes! Some analysts have also managed to collect data, including Ming-Chi Kuo, which is considered an analyst who is very close to Apple.

Based on the records in Kuo’s hand it is stated that Apple’s newest best-selling iPhone is the iPhone Xs Max. Kuo also boasted that the sale of Xs Max was recorded to beat the iPhone Xs three to four times.

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Kuo also noted that the 256 GB storage option was the most popular, while 512 GB of the two models were consistently out of stock. At this time, Apple only pointed to Samsung being asked to distribute NAND Flash chips , and reportedly they also lacked stock.

Then of the three color choices, which is the most popular? Predictably, Gold and Space Gray colors are significantly more popular than Silver. As we all know, Gold’s color was absent last year when Apple launched the iPhone X.

In addition to selling iPhone Xs and Xs Max, Apple has also marketed the Apple Watch Series 4 . So far, the sale of the smartwatch is positive and far better than expected. Consumers also don’t need to worry about running out of stock and shipping will continue until November 2018.

It is estimated, Apple will increase the distribution of sales of Apple Watch units from 18 million to almost 19.5 million for 2018. If this goes smoothly, of course Tim Cook will be able to smile again in front of his competitors.

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