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A number of the latest iPhone users in several regions in the United States have problems. It was reported that a number of devices in their hands had bad connections when connected to the internet via WiFi. Also mentioned, the signal strength of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max is very weak.

As quoted from the online news site Business Insider in Singapore that there are some users who say their old iPhone, like the iPhone 7 and iPhone X have better signal strength than their new iPhone.

That said, iPhone Xs and Xs Max are no better with wireless connectivity functions and this problem is at least a bit annoying to its users. Unfortunately, Apple did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request to comment on this issue.

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Like the report on Reddit , not a few of the newest iPhone users say that the signal strength problem is not limited to one operator. Likewise the same problem was revealed by one of the iPhone Xs owners who posted it on MacRumorsand an online forum supported by Apple.

A report from the WiWavelength blog that deals with wireless technology also seems to conclude the same thing. It was said, his laboratory testing found that the latest iPhone signal strength was significantly weaker than the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Of course the problem about signal strength is a bit surprising. In fact, Apple itself has added one antenna band that is placed on the bottom side. This is different from the iPhone X and iPhone 8 which were introduced last year.

It is fitting that Apple must immediately overcome this problem if it does not want more users to complain about the same problem. Apple may be able to fix it through software updates after they collect all the complaints.

Actually, similar problems have occurred on the iPhone 7 which was introduced in 2016. But no need to wait long, Apple can overcome these problems through a patch sent to a number of users.

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