Leaked Original Image But Fake OnePlus 6T Circulates on the Internet

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Leaked smartphone made by OnePlus , namely OnePlus 6T which is mentioned will get more improvement than OnePlus 6 continues to flow in cyberspace. As we know, through the leak that appeared a few weeks ago, the OnePlus 6T will have a fingerprint on the screen.

Yes! This was revealed from a sales box that showed that the smartphone would indeed be packed with a fingerprint scanner on the front, precisely on the screen. Not only that, the smartphone will also have a screen with bangs that are very small in size.

You could say, the bangs attached to OnePlus 6T are very similar to bangs that are on OPPO F9 or OPPO R17 Pro . And from all these leaks, not a few who consider that the actual OnePlus 6T screen design can be known by many people.

OPPO R17 Pro

Moreover, plus recently there are alleged images that claim the true form of OnePlus 6T. One interesting thing is that there are four images that are shown and all are in high resolution so we can see in more detail the front.

However, is it true that the device is OnePlus 6T? Not a few who doubt the authenticity of the pictures, especially the layout of the fingerprint scanner on the screen . Yes! When compared to the official teaser there is a slight difference in the layout of the embedded biometric security features.

Related to that, of course OnePlus can change the fingerprint layout on the screen as long as they continue to work on OnePlus 6. But from these images, the fingerprint layout in the screen is more skewed similar to that of OPPO R17 Pro.

The second doubt, there are four images shown and all of them display the front. Because we know that OnePlus 6T will not borrow the three rear camera configurations on the OPPO R17 Pro. That way, we also know that indeed it’s not OnePlus 6T actually.

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