LG V40 ThinQ bangs can be hidden, this is the proof!

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LG V40 ThinQ

LG in early October 2018 will introduce a new smartphone, LG V40 ThinQ . Even some of the leaks began to be crowded on the internet and talked about by many gadget lovers. Leaked images last month show that the V40 will come with three cameras on the back.

Not only that, this smartphone is also packed with a bangs screen which reportedly bangs can be hidden by the user. The latest leak came from Evan Blass which shows that the LG V40 ThinQ has additional buttons on the side.

Predictably, additional buttons on the side are most likely related to the Google Assistant function. The function of the smart assistant itself was previously also present on the LG G7 ThinQ which was launched in the middle of this year. So, it can be said that this is no longer a surprise.

LG V40 ThinQ Evan

Regarding bangs, this can indeed be hidden by the user. We can see from the pictures posted by Evan via his Twitter account. The picture also confirms that LG will indeed equip this smartphone with the support of three cameras that are placed horizontally.

So, what are the functions of the three embedded cameras? It is estimated, LG will immerse one lens for wide-angle shooting, one offering a regular field of view, while the third lens will be telephoto.

Placed as a smartphone aimed at the upper class market, LG is expected to pack this smartphone with an OLED screen. Other leaks say, Snapdragon 845 made by Qualcomm will be the brain of this smartphone. Is that true? We’ll wait on October 3, 2018.

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