OnePlus 6T: The most important secret of the top smartphone has been revealed

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A whopping 88 percent of the OnePlus 6 entered the test at GIGA. In addition to the outstanding performance and the slim software, which brought the 3,300 mAh energy cell to the smartphone. The praise Seems to have met with open ears at OnePlus – Because The successor puts the Chinese manufacturer, It Seems, once again a shovel on it.

OnePlus 6T: Battery capacity should increase by 400 mAh

In the OnePlus 6T, a larger battery to be found. This is a picture showing the battery of the next OnePlus smartphone. The specified mAh capacity is 3,700. If the recording turns out to be correct, the OnePlus 6T has a 400 mAh larger battery capacity than its predecessor. With regard to the new fast-charging technology “Warp Charge” , it should be clear that the manufacturer of the OnePlus 6T has taken on the subject of battery and charging time.

OnePlus 6T without 3.5mm headphone jack

OnePlus traditionally focus. What does this experience have in common: classic headphone connections. But the OnePlus 6T has to do without it. The omission of the 3.5mm jack has become a public relations nightmare for OnePlus in recent days . Whether the spoiled OnePlus fans can be used with a larger battery? At the beginning of October, we will receive the answer when the OnePlus 6T is announced.

Larger battery or 3.5mm headphone jack: What would you prefer? Write us in the comments! 

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