OnePlus 6T: This question will be fatal to OnePlus

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The classic headphone jack in 3.5 mm format has long been threatened with extinction. The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus what the heavyweight Samsung as one of the last producers who still use it – but that’s over now . The upcoming Android smartphone OnePlus 6T wants to be an adapter for the USB-C port instead, in order to use conventional headphones over the counter. For fans, this decision meets with little favor, as a survey on Twitter makes it clear.

Actually, OnePlus just wanted to know from its users which feature of the current OnePlus 6 they like the most. The answer came promptly, in the form of a quickly launched survey. More than 3,000 Twitter users have participated – more than two-thirds want a headphone jack in 3.5 mm format, without any adapters and dongle:

Recent smartphone trends include not only full-surface displays and dual cameras on the back, but also notches (recesses at the top of the display) and adapters to ensure backward compatibility. Some users are bothered by these two “features” that are becoming more and more prevalent. As an alternative to the adapter are Bluetooth headphones that no longer require a physical hardware connection because of their wireless equipment.

Almost every manufacturer has jumped on the train of notches and adapters. So far, OnePlus has made an exception, at least for the headphone jack – but only until now. For the larger manufacturers, only Samsung remains. The Group continues to renounce notches and also provides the smartphone flagships with headphone ports in 3.5 mm format.

While OnePlus is likely to use both Notch and adapters for the upcoming OnePlus 6T, the top smartphone also offers some new features that will appeal to any user. For example, the battery charging time of the OnePlus 6T should improve significantly compared to the OnePlus 6 thanks to the new fast charging technologycalled “Warp Charge”. A fingerprint sensor integrated directly into the display will also make its debut.

A presentation of the OnePlus 6T is expected in October. The current generation, ie the OnePlus 6, is still available at Amazon among others, In terms of price, there has not been much lately.

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