Retail Box Shows OnePlus 6T Has Fingerprint on Screen

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Gossip in the smartphone industry that is no less interesting for us to know is the desire of OnePlus to present OnePlus 6T . Yes! This is a smartphone that OnePlus upgraded a minor from OnePlus 6, which was launched in May 2018.

As well as OnePlus 6, the leak on OnePlus 6T also began to appear in recent weeks. The latest is a packaging picture or OnePlus 6T sales box that appears on the largest social media site in China, Weibo.

From the packaging picture or the sales box, we can see the shape of OnePlus 6T. Interestingly, this smartphone will come with similar pieces of bangs owned by OPPO F9 and Vivo V11 Pro . Yes! Small pieces of bangs resemble water droplets.

OnePlus 6T Boks

It’s fairly natural if OnePlus finally has to load bangs like the one on OPPO F9 and Vivo V11 Pro. The reason is that these three companies are still in the umbrella of the famous multinational technology company in the Bamboo Curtain Country, namely  BBK Electronics.

Still from the packaging picture or the same OnePlus 6T sales box, we can also see that this smartphone will later be equipped with a fingerprint scanner sensor on the screen. Of course this reminds us that the fingerprint scanner technology was already adopted by Vivo.

In the end we can say that the improvement made by OnePlus from OnePlus 6 to 6T is no longer a minor improvement. Because, OnePlus will embed a fingerprint scanner on the screen and of course there are still other features that will be pinned.

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