RIP iPhone X, iPhone 6s, dan iPhone SE

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iPhone X 6S dan SE

When we welcome the iPhone XS Max , iPhone XS , and iPhone XR , at the same time we have to say goodbye to the iPhone X. Yes! Mentioned, with the presence of three new iPhone models this year, it will no longer produce the iPhone X .

Of course this is a news that is quite surprising for Apple loyal users. That said, the age of the iPhone X is only a year. As we know, smartphones that have a 5.8 inch screen size with wide bangs are introduced in October 2017.

Furthermore, Apple will only spend iPhone X stock that is still available on the market and of course sell it at a slightly cheaper price. That is, the technology giant from Cupertino, the United States must be ready to enjoy small profits from the sale of the remaining iPhone X.

iPhone SE

Not only the iPhone X, Apple will also stop the production of the iPhone 6s . Although this smartphone has to stop this year, it is certainly not surprising. The reason is, the iPhone 6s is old enough to be introduced since 2015.

Is it only the iPhone X and iPhone 6s that production will be stopped by Apple? Apparently not! Apple will also stop the production of the iPhone SE . But what is unfortunate, Apple does not prepare a replacement.

Even though not a few people are interested in the iPhone SE. This smartphone comes with a small body, but is comfortable to use. That’s what makes it so popular, even though a number of interesting features on other iPhone Series are removed on this iPhone SE.

So, the iPhone with the body and the small screen that you can buy right now is the iPhone 7 which has a 4.7-inch screen or iPhone 8 with a 5.8-inch screen. Even so, when compared to the iPhone SE, both still have a wider screen.

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