Samsung will prepare Galaxy A7 successor (2017)

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Until entering the 9th month in 2018, Samsung has managed to produce several Galaxy Series smartphones that it developed. Not only in the upper class, the largest electronics manufacturer in South Korea also enlivened the smartphone market in the middle class.

As we know, in the upper class Samsung has Galaxy S9 and S9 + , and the Galaxy Note 9 has recently been launched. Well! To spoil loyal customers who are in the middle class, Samsung has a Galaxy A Series.

For Galaxy A Series, Samsung has spawned Galaxy A6 and A6 + . There are also Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8 + (2018) , and the latest is the Galaxy A8 Star. Leaks that are not less interesting, Samsung apparently is preparing for the Galaxy A7 (2018) .

Galaxy A7 2018 Bluetooth

It sounds strange if Samsung just released the Galaxy A7 towards the end of this year (2018). In fact, if you look at the 2016 and 2017 versions, this smartphone should have been launched at the beginning of the year. Yes! You could say this 2018 model is delayed more than half a year.

Leaks regarding Samsung preparing for the Galaxy A7 (2018) were revealed from the Bluetooth site. The certification sheet shown states that the device that is strongly suspected of being Galaxy A7 (2018) has the model number of the SM-A750N and SM-A750FN .

This year Samsung did slightly change the naming scheme for the A-Series this year by releasing Galaxy A6 (2018) and Galaxy A8 (2018). So it’s quite interesting if finally Samsung really realized to present the Galaxy A8 (2018). Let’s wait!

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