Steal Apple’s Attention, Huawei is Noisy on Twitter

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Huawei Teaser 1

It is not surprising that in the next few weeks not a few people will discuss the three latest iPhone models that have been introduced. You could say, with the introduction of the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR , Apple managed to tempt them all.

Behind that, of course, Apple’s competitors don’t feel happy. As shown by Huawei, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer that managed to oust Apple from the second position in the global market was suddenly so aggressive on its official Twitter account.

Yes! When Apple introduced its newest iPhone line, Huawei actually promoted its flagship smartphone that was released, namely Huawei P20 Pro . Towards the end of Apple’s event, Huawei continued to be “noisy” by posting three teasers about Mate 20 Pro .

Huawei Teaser 2

The first teaser was posted, describing the background of the light that shone towards Mate 20 Pro. Obviously, this new Huawei smartphone has a curved edge. On top of the device’s image, Huawei writes a “Thank You” which is quite striking.

In addition, there are also words that read “For the Real Hero of the Year” . Huawei also wrote that they would indeed hold an event on October 16, 2018 in London. Yes! That’s when Huawei really wanted to introduce Mate 20 Pro.

The second teaser awarded by Huawei is striking and deliberately directed to Apple. Yes! Huawei creates a short video that depicts someone running inside the circle. Clearly, the circle is very similar to the circle in the Apple event invitation.

The last teaser thrown via Twitter by Huawei is a short video that hints at various colors and focuses on artificial intelligence. It seems that this teaser indirectly wants to thank Apple for “keeping the same things”.

Overall, Huawei’s efforts to distract many who want to know about the latest iPhone may not be effective. But in ways like this, at least Huawei’s flagship smartphone, the Mate 20 Pro will also make many people curious.

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