This is how Xiaomi confronts the arrival of Apple iPhone 2018

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Xiaomi XR

Responding to the arrival of the three new iPhones that have been introduced by Apple , not a few Android smartphone manufacturers are trying to manage their strategy. This is done so they can also compete with the technology giant from Cupertino.

For example, as shown by Huawei , they have promoted two new smartphones, the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro from far away. In fact they are not shy to “talk” on Twitter when Apple introduces its newest iPhone.

Now, the same thing was also done by one of the Android smartphone manufacturers from China, namely Xiaomi . Yes! Xiaomi is ready to block Apple’s movement in the Chinese market through a strategy that is considered by some very interesting gadget lovers.

Xiaomi XS Max

Following the steps Apple released iPhone XR , XS , and XS Max , Xiaomi also joined in by offering a bundle package of its products by taking the last name of the three iPhones offered by Apple.

Through Xiaomi XR package , Xiaomi offers Mi 8 SE with a 6 GB / 128 GB variant, 12.5-inch Air Notebook Mi (8 GB / 256 GB), Mi Band 3, and Bluetooth handsfree. For this package, the price is released as the price of iPhone XR.

While bundle package released for iPhone XS is Xiaomi XS which consists of Mi MIX 2S version 8GB / 256 GB, Mi Notebook 13.3 inch, Mi Band 3, and Bluetooth headset. The last package Xiaomi XS Max , the Mi 8 version of 6 GB / 128 GB, Mi Notebook Pro, Mi Band 3, and Bluetooth earbud

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