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Awaited long enough, Apple finally officially introduced three new iPhone models this year. As has been revealed through several previous leaks, the three latest iPhone models have the name iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR .

Are you curious about the price? Of course, not a few people are also waiting for the announcement of the prices of the three new iPhone models. Yes! Apple has also publicly informed the price of the three new iPhone models.

But what you have to know, Apple just announced the price with the smallest storage, which is 46 GB. iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS itself has 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB storage options. Whereas the iPhone XR has an option of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

Price iPhone 2018

Apple offers a 64 GB iPhone XS Max at a price of US $ 1,099 or around Rp . 16.2 million . While the iPhone XS and XR which have 64 GB of storage, each offered at a price of US $ 999 and US $ 749 or around Rp. 14.7 million and Rp . 11 million .

If you are interested in asking for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS with a storage option of 256 GB and 512 GB, you must add US $ 150 and US $ 350. As for the iPhone XR with an option of 128 GB and 256 GB, you must add US $ 50 and US $ 150.

About availability, Apple offers pre-orders for iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS starting on September 14, 2018 and will be available starting September 21, 2018 in 30 countries for the first wave. While the iPhone XR is slightly delayed and went on sale on October 26, 2018 .

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