Very Solid F1 Pocophone Plastic Body, this is the proof!

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Pocophone F1 introduced by Pocophone , a sub-brand from Xiaomi managed to steal the attention of many Android smartphone enthusiasts. The reason is, this smartphone offers topnotch specifications with fairly cheap prices.

Yes! Pocophone F1 comes with a Snapdragon 845 chipset as its brain and is sold starting at Rp. 4 million. Even so, this smartphone has a simple design and the body is only wrapped in polycarbonate plastic material.

So, what about the durability or strength of the Pocophone F1? Again and again, is the JerryRigEverything channel on YouTube that recently tested the durability of a smartphone that has a 6.18 inch FullHD + screen span.

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As well as when JerryRig tested other flagship smartphones, the Pocophone F1 had to pass a scratch, burn test and the last one was bent. Of course not a few people are curious about the power of this smartphone.

The first test was scratching the Pocophone F1 IPS LCD screen and the result, the smartphone screen was only scratched on a scale of 6 Mohs . When the fingerprint area in the screen is scratched, this biometric security feature is still able to work optimally.

Next, is a scratch test throughout the smartphone body. Admittedly, the plastic body that is the “shirt” of the Pocophone F1 is easily scratched. In fact, you could say, the frame around it is also very easily scratched.

Indeed, it can be concluded, polycarbonate plastic material is a soft and non-metallic material in this case. So it’s natural that users of Pocophone F1 must protect the smartphone they use with additional casing.

Going into the screen burnt stage, there are indeed black spots generated and quite striking on the screen. However, a few seconds later, the black spots are easily lost and the screen is still functioning normally.

Last is the test of bending the Pocophone F1. One interesting thing, when the rear body is bent and also the screen, this smartphone looks really solid. That is, the Pocophone F1 does not suffer damage that is very worrying.

Yes! Although the entire body is made of polycarbonate plastic material, this smartphone escapes the twisted test. Of course this makes the Pocophone F1 even more attractive to us. What do you think? We are waiting for the comment!

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