Talk to Xiaomi Manufacturing, Samsung Ready to Produce Galaxy Line in China

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There are rumors that Samsung plans to outsource the production of Galaxy smartphones that enter the middle and low-end class to manufacturing in China. The rumor, Samsung has spoken with Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) Wintech.

For your information, Wintech is a manufacturer responsible for producing Xiaomi smartphones. A report said that Executive Vice President Roh Tae-moon had visited Wintech to discuss this.

Mentioned, an agreement that is no less important is Wintech, of course, must be able to meet the quality standards determined by Samsung. Most likely this step was taken by Samsung because the market is increasingly plummeting in the Bamboo Curtain Country.

If this step is really done by Samsung, of course the South Korean electronics giant will produce smartphones that have a competitive value in China. This is reasonable because some of the components will be made locally.

One thing that is not less interesting, the production costs that must be issued by Samsung will also be reduced. That way, Samsung can focus more on planning its distribution in China so that it can compete with local smartphone manufacturers.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not confirmed this openly. Only recognized, Samsung is currently considering introducing an ODM system not only in China, but also in other countries. What do you think? We are waiting for the comment.

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