Autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy J8 | Follow the battery test in real time

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Samsung introduced new 18.5: 9 screen input devices and intermediate price in 2018, as is the case with the Galaxy J8 . The hardware may even be considered intermediate, but the finish of the device, plastic, and the HD + screen, point to a cheaper option. Although the launch price was R $ 1,900.

The TodoCelular will perform the battery test on the device to see how the 3,500 mAh battery behaves on a body that has the Snapdragon 450 chipset, 6 “18.5: 9 screen and HD + resolution with 720 x 1480 pixels in a displau Super AMOLED.If you do not know our simulation of real use, it is a standardized test, done in the same way on all devices.

We have a list of applications that are quite popular among users and encompass most types of smartphone usage on a day to day basis. Each has a timed use time in each cycle, and each cycle is performed with an interval of approximately half an hour between one and another. 

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