Exclusive: Zenfone 6 with notch “lateral” appears in images and video next to the Zenfone 5

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Recently we have seen the first images of what the new Zenfone 6 would emerge in the national and international media , including a version of the device with a centralized “drop in” cutout and one with the front camera located more to the right side of the panel, thus leaving it more discreet.

Now, here’s our Italian “brother” HD Blog got his hands on a few more clicks of the device, which reveal a prototype a little different from what was leaked previously, especially with respect to the back of the device.

Instead of keeping the cameras aligned in the upper left corner, we now see both the centralized sensors on the back, which helps to create a very different look to what we have in the current Zenfone 5 . In addition, the finish gained a new treatment, setting aside the concentric rays to adopt something similar to a metal mesh under the glass.

The notch is again seen in the upper right corner of the front panel, demonstrating that this may be the most likely position in the final version of the device. As it is likely to be a model still in the prototype phase, however, changes are expected until its official announcement during MWC 2019 .

As can be seen in the above pictures, it will not be this time that ASUS will give up the P2 connector for headphones, a breath and both in front of rivals that have already distanced themselves from the much-used connection. The main sound output, however, remains on the bottom of the unit, so it will not be this time that we have front speakers.

Speaking of loudspeaker, we have a large grid for the same edge at the top panel, indicating possible improvement in the already great sound quality found in Zenfone 5.

No fingerprint reader is found anywhere, reinforcing that ASUS may be more than one solution under the screen. In addition, you can see that the device also has face-reading unlock, thus giving more freedom to users.

There is still no information on the technical specifications of the new Zenfone 6, so we have to wait to see if ASUS will keep the policy of launching an intermediate and a flagship with the same “mold”, changing only the card with the chipset. This was instrumental in reducing the cost of Zenfone 5Z on the current line, making it the most expensive top-of-the-line model with Snapdragon 845 for some time.

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