Huawei announces Pay, Video and a new assistant for Europe

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Huawei European Innovation Day 2018 is behind us. This event has many interesting facts and announcements. In an interview with GSM Online, Jaime Gonzalo, one of the heads of Consumer Mobile Services in the European branch of the company. The list includes a new voice assistant or Huawei Pay’s new payment method.

Huawei has confirmed that it is an assistant for Europe. It does not focus on the advertising layer, but only has purely informational skills. It does not collect any information about the user. It is a great place to stay in the area. The assistant in EMUI.

Huawei also announces a new shop for games

The second proposed new is Huawei Pay. It will be a service, as the name suggests, making easier. The system is to be connected to the secular ID and will support Visa cards. All information about our data will be stored in China, and in Germany. They also meet the requirements of GDPR. Gradually new banks will be added to the service.

The company also decided to establish a cooperation with Unity to launch a special game store. Developers who decide to use this store to get additional, dedicated themes. Huawei Video will also appear. Currently, it is only available in the Chinese version. Now it will also go to Europe. For this purpose, the company decided to enter into partnership with Sony Pictures or Fox. Both the subscription option and the option for individual tonles are announced

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