Huawei plans a foldable smartphone with 5G and 10x optical zoom

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Huawei, in accordance with previous announcements, plans to issue a folded device in 2019. It will also be ready for 5G. However, compatibility with the 5G standard is not as simple as it may seem. In the latest interview, the head of the European branch, Walter Ji, talks about the Chinese giant for next year. They include the flagship smartphone with impressive imaging capabilities.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro 5x optical zoom with the use of retractable lens. Walter Ji recently revealed some of the company’s plans. The Chinese manufacturer intends to further improve photography on smartphones. In addition to equipping the camera, provide a 10x optical zoom.

Huawei invests in 5G, but it can take a long time

Unlike the folding Samsung smartphone, Huawei will also be ready for 5G. Ji repeated that the arrival of 5G would drastically improve the speed and everything will be available without delay. Things can be a bit complicated, especially in Europe. Different 5G frequencies would require engineers to work hard on designing antennas and modems. In addition, 5G takes a long time to completely replace 3G and 4G, and the national expansion would take much longer.

This applies not only to Europe, because the implementation of 5G at the beginning would be very slow. Ji also revealed that Huawei will avoid smartphones from the entry level. He claims that cheap devices offer poor performance, which affects user convenience, and this badly affects the company’s image. What’s more, Huawei does not think that the Android One program is attractive, and the company does not believe that its customers are satisfied with it. What’s more, the company may go a little differently and opt out of budget telephones to increase the quality of Honor products offered.

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