Vivo Nex 2 leaks in the pictures. When the premiere?

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Vivo Nex 2 is a smartphone that should debut in a while. Meanwhile, leaks are occurring now. In the network, exactly on the pages of the Weibo social networking website, there are two photos that present the device in a prototype form. What can you see on them? Let’s take a look at these photos.

Vivo Nex 2 visible in the pictures below in front, resembles this year’s model, which debuted in June . You can see a screen that almost covers the entire panel. It’s only interesting on your back, where you can see an additional, smaller display. There is also a camera with three lenses and a LED illuminating diode. Take a look at this on the photos below.

Vivo Nex 2 when the premiere where to buy

Vivo Nex 2 with two screens, like Nubia X

The idea for the second screen on the backs of the Vivo Nex 2 is not new. A similar solution was introduced, among others in smartphones Nubia X or Meizu Pro 7. Unfortunately, we know almost nothing about the new Chinese phone. It will be a higher price model with strong components. Their list, however, is a mystery for now.

Vivo Nex 2 will be presented confidently next year. For now, we only have these two photos. It is not known when exactly the premiere will take place. These are details for which we will still have to wait patiently.

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