Foldable Sony Xperia smartphone? The company already has a patent for it

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Foldable smartphone Sony Xperia patents

Folded smartphones are prepared by Samsung, Huawei and LG. It also looks like Sony is also considering a similar device. Such Xperia may be created, because last month the company obtained a patent for the design of an unusual two-screen phone, which describes different modes. Let’s take a look at it.

The foldable Sony Xperia smartphone would get two screens. One in the front and the other in the back. The patent obtained on November 22 assumes six modes of using such a solution. Three for each of the two displays. From transparent, through translucent to non-transparent. The smartphone user would be able to switch between these modes.

Foldable smartphone Sony Xperia patents Foldable smartphone Sony Xperia patents Foldable smartphone Sony Xperia patents

The patent also describes the use of a foldable, transparent screen. The vision of the folded smartphone appears here. It is not known, however, what plans the manufacturer has and when such a device can be introduced to the market. The company has filed this patent application this spring. However, we can wait a bit for the final effects of the idea.

Sony Xperia XZ4 premiered at MWC 2018

Foldable smartphones are one thing, but we know that the new flagship, Sony Xperia XZ4, will be shown at MWC 2019. The fair in Barcelona will take place exactly on 25-28 February. Recently we could see the phone on Onleaks renders . We saw there, among others triple camera.

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