Galaxy S10 like Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Will it also offer reverse charging?

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Galaxy S10 has recently had a big leak . In it, the talk was about the date of the premiere and prices of the telephone . There, it was also mentioned that reverse charging may occur. This solution is already known from the Huawei Mate 20 Pro model, which can also act as a wireless charger for other devices. Samsung can work on it too.

Samsung Galaxy S10 can be another smartphone on the market, which will offer reverse charging. This is a function that is certainly interesting, although it has some limitations . Koreans, if they work on it too, have room to show off. They can offer a better solution, but we’ll see it over time.

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Indeed it is very possible that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will get reverse charging. The Wall Street Journal also mentioned it. In the same report, he revealed the existence of a fourth model, the Beyond X . If the function appears, it is probably only in the most expensive model.

Probably only one Samsung Galaxy S10 will offer reverse charging

Rather, we should not count on the fact that Samsung Galaxy S10 will get reverse charging. This is a function that will probably go to the more expensive edition. It will be another lure for customers who will be tempted with lots of money. We expect to be released in February .

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