Nokia 9 in Bluetooth SIG. The premiere is getting closer

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Nokia 9 will not be shown this year, which indeed HMD Global has already confirmed . We know, however, that the premiere is close. It will probably take place in the next quarter, because the phone is already certified. It was noticed in the Bluetooth SIG database. Unfortunately, we will not learn much from this site anyway.

Nokia 9 has a Bluetooth 5.0 module. However, this is not a surprise. We could see the phone from all sides of the Onleaks render . It was then that we learned that there is a screen on the deck without an indentation, and there is a penta camera on the back . Technical specification of the camera is, however, kept secret.

Nokia 9 Bluetooth SIG when the premiere

For now, it is not known exactly what the Nokia 9 camera will offer. HMD Global has recently announced that it is working on improving the camera, because the results so far can simply be even better. Surely, a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens or a lens with the task of realizing a blurred background effect will appear. For details, however, we must wait.

Nokia 9 may have a premiere at MWC 2019

It is possible that Nokia 9 will be presented during MWC 2019. This event, which will take place in Barcelona exactly on 25-28 February. There, we will also see many other flagships for 2019. You probably will not run out of devices with 5G network support.

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