Nokia 9 was delayed because HMD Global was not satisfied with the camera

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Nokia 9 is the upcoming HMD Global flagship. Today we know that there has been a delay and the phone will not be available this year, and only in the future . We already know that the smartphone will get a complex camera with five lenses, which we could see in the pictures of leaks and renderings Onleaks . It is this element that caused delays.

Britta Gerbracht, who is the head of marketing at HMD Global in the German branch of the company, revealed the mystery. In an interview for, where she also gave some other curiosities , she confirmed the existence of a Nokia 9 smartphone. In addition, she explained that this phone will not really make its debut this year. We also know what this is caused by.

Nokia 9 when the premiere of the latest technical specification by HMD Global Britta Gerbracht

Nokia 9 has a very complex camera that HMD Global wants to refine the most. The company came to the conclusion that the quality of the pictures does not meet expectations. Therefore, it was decided to delay the premiere. Such a camera also poses some challenges for Foxconn, which will produce this phone.

Nokia 9 with the premiere in 2019

HMD Global believes that it will be able to introduce the Nokia 9 model to the offer as early as at the beginning of 2019. MWC 2019 seems to be the best opportunity for the premiere. It is possible, however, that the premiere will take place at a different time. However, Gerbracht does not reveal that.

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