Samsung discusses December security fixes (2018 edition)

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Samsung December security updates 2018 Google Android

Samsung has released new information about security bulletins. December security updates will soon be available for compatible Galaxy smartphones. In the meantime, we can take a look at their content. Google itself did not release too many patches for Android this month.

However, December security updates for Android include solutions for six critical vulnerabilities. In addition, there are quite a few patches for high-risk holes. A full list of current security bulletins can be found below.

Critical threat: CVE-2018-5912, CVE-2018-9549, CVE-2018-9550, CVE-2018-9551, CVE-2018-9552, CVE-2018-9555 
High risk: CVE-2018-5916, CVE-2018 -11996, CVE-2018-11905, CVE-2017-15818, CVE-2018-9547, CVE-2018-9548, CVE-2018-9553, CVE-2018-9538, CVE-2018-9554, CVE-2018-9557 , CVE-2018-9558, CVE-2018-9559, CVE-2018-9560, CVE-2018-9562, CVE-2018-9566 
Medium severity : none 
Low risk: no 
NSI: none 
Included in previous updates: CVE-2017- 18317, CVE-2018-5917, CVE-2018-5877, CVE-2018-5870, CVE-2018-11994, CVE-2018-11269, CVE-2017-18318, CVE-2017-18316, CVE-2016-10502, CVE-2018-9543 (O8.1) 
Not applicable to Samsung devices: CVE-2018-11264, CVE-2018-9556, CVE-2017-18315, CVE-2018-11995, CVE-2018-9543 (N7.x, O8.0)

December security patches from Samsung with a record number of patches

Samsung usually releases several or dozen patches every month for its own specific software. This month is different. In total, up to 40 solutions to various problems have been made available. In this critical threat that occurred among others on devices with Exynos 9810 and 8895 processors. The patches will soon be made available for compatible devices from the Galaxy line. Of course, they will be implemented in stages.

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