Always on Display mode at MIUI Immediately Get Battery Percentage Feature

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Xiaomi smartphones that come with AMOLED screens already have support for Always on Display (AOD) . With this feature, it allows users to see various specific info offered, such as notifications, time and date.

Yes! This information can be seen by users without having to bother opening the device lock. However, beforehand not a few MIUI fans shouted and asked Xiaomi to insert battery information into the AOD feature.

The cries of the fans apparently were heard by Xiaomi. Now reportedly Xiaomi will insert battery percentage information into the AOD feature. This is also confirmed by the official MIUI account on Weibo which shows the image of the AOD feature turned on and there is information on battery usage.

Interestingly, this will also display a battery icon and the user can also know the condition of the battery when it is being charged. Unfortunately there is no information revealed, when Xiaomi will start launching updates related to this.

Flagship smartphones, such as the Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 SE, Mi 9, Mi 9 SE and Mi MIX 3 , all have AMOLED screens. So, if this feature will arrive with the next update, of course those smartphones will taste the first time.

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