BlackBerry CEO Love Cynical Comments About Smartphone Folding Screen

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Samsung has released the Galaxy Fold , while Huawei has introduced Mate X . Both of them come as folding screen smartphones that are expected to trend starting in the middle of this year. Well! What is also awaiting is Motorola’s breakthrough through the latest generation RAZR .

Not a few gadget analysts say that smartphone manufacturers make folding screen smartphones because they see the need for a bigger screen. As we know, this folding device when opened does offer a wider screen.

That is, not a few people say that the presence of a folding screen smartphone is also a good solution to boost the tablet market. However, the CEO of Black Berry, John Chen has a different mindset than most people.

Chen said that this folding screen smartphone would be sold at a high price. It is quite reasonable for the short comment made by Chen. As we know, Galaxy Fold will be sold at a price of around Rp27 million, while the Mate X will be sold at a price of Rp36 million.

Not only commenting on the price offered, Chen also touched on the screen size of the two foldable smartphones that Samsung and Huawei have shown. It is said, the two smartphones still have thick or bulky aliases.

Therefore, Chen also boasted that he would not recommend the device to anyone. Chen added, there was no breakdown after the appearance of the fingerprint scanner (physical and ultrasonic), facial recognition and iris scanner.

Even so, only time can answer, whether the cynical statement made by the BlackBerry number one is true or not. In fact, not a few people who welcome positively with all the innovations offered by Samsung through the Galaxy Fold and Huawei via Mate X.

Samsung Galaxy Fold itself is expected to enter the global market in May 2019. After that, Huawei is expected to start the Mate X which has been equipped with 5G connectivity capabilities, and of course at a more expensive price.

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