Huawei: Mate X is the Perfect Solution for Smartphone Foldable Screens

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Huawei’s seriousness in R & D has given birth to interesting technological breakthroughs. For example, this smartphone manufacturer from China has introduced its first folding screen smartphone, Huawei Mate X which also comes with 5G technology support.

As we have seen together, Mate X was created by Huawei with a myriad of advanced features in it. First, this folding screen smartphone has a futuristic hinge technology, the patented Falcon Wing Mechanical Hinge.

Not only that, Huawei Mate X has also been equipped with a 7nm Balong 5000 multi-mode multi-mode modem . Huawei also buried a 4,500 mAh capacity battery that has been supported by Huawei SuperCharge 55W . Of course, the Intersstellar Blue color is also a special attraction.

In fact, introduced at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Mate X immediately received many awards from a number of media from various countries. Not only that, the prestigious award from the GSMA “Best Connected Mobile Device of MWC 2019” was also won by Mate X.

Expectations contained in folding smartphones

Over the past decade, we have seen how smartphones with touch screens have changed the industry so massively. Smartphones have driven the rapid development of the application or software industry.

On cellular networks, 2G transformed into 3G and then 4G and now the world is getting ready to welcome the 5G generation. Likewise chipset and hardware technology. People have now enjoyed the digital world with a better user experience.

Smartphones become “office in the pocket”, a kind of portable network hub to enjoy more content and be active on social networks. Industry and society also changed dramatically. More and more new companies are emerging to provide new products and content.

Huawei Mate X, a combination of small screens and large screens

Huawei Mate X is a testimony of Huawei’s commitment to focus on basic things. The amazing design and perfect solution of the folding screen is the answer to “What users need”, not just “How do we fold the screen?”

Because foldable smartphones are expected to gradually cut the tablet market, it’s not wrong to estimate that the “PC” will be the next target. Foldable smartphones at the moment are just the beginning.

In addition, a foldable smartphone is also a signal that one day the technology will be sophisticated enough to allow one device to take over the world of “small screens” and “big screens.” That is what we can see from the presence of Huawei Mate X.

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