Is this the design of the Galaxy Note 10 that will be presented by Samsung?

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Samsung has stepped into a new era of the cellular industry by introducing its first folding screen smartphone, the Galaxy Fold last month. At the same time, the South Korean electronics giant has also introduced its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10 Series .

Unlike last year, this time Samsung made a surprise by presenting three smartphone models that entered the Galaxy S10 Series line. The three smartphones are the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10e which are sold at lower prices.

At the beginning of this March, Samsung has also opened the direct sales of the flagship device. Yes! Samsung also markets the same devices in the Indonesian market. Positive smabutan was immediately shown by those who had been waiting for the presence of the Galaxy S10 Series.

Now, Samsung is getting ready to step into another flagship device. Especially if it’s not the Galaxy Note 10 . Interestingly, recently a number of people at PhoneArena have designed the concept of rendering the Galaxy Note 10 by considering specifications and designs that have been leaked.

Until now, Samsung does not have a plan for when they will announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, from a number of leaks and other information, PhoneArena has succeeded in developing a rendering that almost resembles the newly launched Galaxy S10 device.

As we have seen, last year the Galaxy Note 9 also carried the same aspects as the Galaxy S9. Therefore it is quite reasonable if PhoneArena finally produces rendering of the Galaxy Note 10 which is almost similar to the Galaxy S10.

If we look at it, it is indeed quite difficult to ignore the quad quad camera on the back of the device. It seems clear, the camera support is also supported by LED flash and several other sensors. All camera modules are positioned horizontally with the edge of a round “house”.

This concept comes from rumors that the Galaxy Note 10 will display settings for four cameras such as the Galaxy S10 5G. To remember, the Galaxy S10 5G will carry a standard 12 MP camera, 12 MP telephoto lens, 16 MP wide-angle lens and ToF 3D camera sensor.

At the front, there is an Infinity-O screen that is also taken from the design of the Galaxy S10 +, with a dual front camera hole at the bottom of the screen. Of course not to forget, the Galaxy Note 10 will also be equipped by Samsung with the support of the Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor as a security feature.

Unlike optical fingerprint sensors, ultrasonic is certainly faster and more reliable. It is very possible that the Note 10 will also display wallpaper in the upper right corner with a black shadow to hide the punch-hole, as in the Galaxy S10 +.

If it is true that the Galaxy Note 10 has a design that is not much different from the Galaxy S10, then this smartphone repair will also cost a lot if it is damaged. Yes! This was revealed by iFixit when they managed to dismantle the Galaxy S10.

So, what do you think about rendering this Galaxy Note 10? We wait for the comments through the discussion column below. Well! For those of you who are curious to see a more complete rendering of the Galaxy Note 10, you can access this link.

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